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Our Process

We facilitate our patients by collecting samples from their doorstep and offering lab test results online through a secure Patient Portal on our website; where every patient can view their lab test reports online using login information provided by Lab One. To give you an idea about the procedure, following are the steps involved in the entire process.

There are four ways for Step 1 i.e. placing a booking:


  • You can book a test here or
  • You can fill a form for booking here or
  • You can call at 0330 0641 641 for booking or
  • You can send us a message on our WhatsApp number 0330 0641 641
  • The rest of the 3 steps are same i.e. Free home sampling, SMS/email notification about reports and you can check the reports online or collect from our collection centers.

Following are the steps for online booking:


1. View Rates & Book Tests Online

Online Test Booking - Step 1

  1. Visit our website
  2. Go to ‘Book Test’ tab from the menu  (Lab Tests page)
  3. Find your test (all tests are organized alphabetically, starting with numeric names). Or to save time you can search your required test using search bar provided on menu bar. All tests related to your keyword would show up. Click on the tests (purple/navy boxes) to view details of the individual tests or package profiles (bundle of tests at discounted price).
  4. Click add to cart button to add the test to cart.
  5. View cart by clicking on the cart icon in top right corner of website
  6. On the cart page, proceed to checkout.
  7. On checkout page, fill the form and press ‘Place order button’. If you have a login account already you would not have to add your contact details every time, just sign in.
  8. After you click the ‘Place Order’ button, your request for a free home sampling of the required test would be submitted and you will be notified through an email.


2. Lab One Representative Visits You

Home Sampling - Step 2

After you have made an online booking or a booking through call, our representative will visit you for your sample collection (blood/urine etc.)

  1. Our representative will collect your sample
  2. Lab One person would also share the invoice with you for the tests. You would be required to make the payment at this step.


3. Receive an SMS / Email Alert

Test Results Report Notification - Step 3

As soon as your test report results are ready, we will make them available on the patient portal and you will be notified through SMS message or an email.


4. View Your Reports Online

Patient Portal Login On the Website

When you receive an alert that your test results are ready, you can view the reports online

  1. Visit our website
  2. Go to ‘Reports’ page from the menu.
  3. A Patient Portal login would appear. Using the login info provided by Lab One, you will be able to log in and view your reports.Thanks for trusting Lab One!

Lab One

Visit Our Collection Centre


In case you do not want to avail our free home sampling service, you can always visit your nearest Lab One Collection Centre to give your sample. Our qualified staff is always there for you. Some of the main collection centres are listed here. You can always call us to get more information regarding a centre near you.


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